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Giveaway: Up to 10 FREE Books Perfect for your Teenaged TCK

If you haven’t already heard of the blog Small Town Laowai, you just haven’t done enough research about expat-life in China yet. This blog started by Emily Steele Jackson has been a steady pillar in the expat community for years, navigating through the funny “This is China” situations we all find ourselves facing. I have to admit I was surprised... Read More

Embrace Creativity as a Family with KingdomKids Craft Boxes!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun,” said the genius Albert Einstein, and the blank canvases and craft tool sets KingdomKids provides are the perfect companions for our kids to let their creativity give color to dull afternoons. My friend who runs a kindergarten suggested KingdomKids craft boxes. She loves them so much, she buys several boxes at once. This wasn’t the... Read More