7 Things People Say in China when You Have More than One Child

Nüháir and Nánháir gets Hăo The most coveted of all sibling pairs in urban China is one boy and one girl. If you have a set of your own, you’ll constantly hear both men and women of all ages saying this phrase, meaning the Chinese character 好 (hăo for “good”) combines the女 character (nü for woman/female) with the子 character (zi... Read More
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Save Money, Dance for Fitness, and Immerse Yourself In Culture

You’ve probably heard that China’s official national pastime is ping pong. I’ve heard jokes about gymnastics and soccer too, but I think those all should be thrown out. (And recently online shopping, but you’re not going to get fit doing that.) What I see being done the very most by people of all ages is uniform group dancing. I cannot... Read More

8 Things People Say When They Think You Don’t Understand Chinese and How To Respond

We don’t blame locals for assuming most expats can’t speak Chinese because a lot of us can’t. But, all the same, when you can understand enough Chinese to hear people’s public remarks, conversations can get really funny really fast if you’re armed with the right phrase. 1.  “Look, a foreigner.” Where? I don’t see one. 哪里? 我没有看到一个外国人。 Nǎlǐ? Wǒ méiyǒu... Read More