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“Look Mom! A foreigner!” aka Our BIGGEST Cultural Struggle

I suppose because my husband and I grew up as Americans surrounded by a multitude of cultures and in a sea of political-correctedness, we learned early on how rude and offensive it is to point out that someone might be from another country. Because as soon as you point out that someone might be an immigrant, refugee, or not-from-around-here-out-of-towner, they’ll... Read More
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Giveaway: Up to 10 FREE Books Perfect for your Teenaged TCK

If you haven’t already heard of the blog Small Town Laowai, you just haven’t done enough research about expat-life in China yet. This blog started by Emily Steele Jackson has been a steady pillar in the expat community for years, navigating through the funny “This is China” situations we all find ourselves facing. I have to admit I was surprised... Read More
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Family Life in Sanya: Sun, Sand, Water Galore!

This new series Life for My Family is going to explore what life is like for different families all over the Mandarin-speaking world, from Beijing to Xining to Singapore to Taipei. It’s meant to give you a taste of the prospective city you’re thinking of relocating to and check if the grass is greener… or rather.. if the jiaozi is... Read More