7 Things I Love About Fuzhou

My family has lived in Fuzhou for almost 2 years now. We haven’t travelled a whole lot outside of Fuzhou but have made it to the nearby(ish) cities of Xiamen, Ningde, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.

That said, I have now accumulated a running list of things I love about Fuzhou.

I really appreciate various things about the other cities we’ve visited, which contributes to my fondness for China as a whole, but I’ll focus this post on our home city of Fuzhou.

1. Fuzhou is the capital city of the Fujian province!
I often forget the pride that comes from living in a capital city, especially when we’ve traveled to other larger cities.

2. It’s one of the smaller cities in China, and I love that. Visiting Guangzhou and Shanghai gave us feelings of being in some large US cities, which is nice sometimes.

Not so, in Fuzhou.

I don’t think there has ever been a time in the past 2 years of living in Fuzhou that I have felt like I could be in another city in the US.

3. As a city, it’s still growing. We’re just now getting a subway line, for example! I really appreciate the idea that my family is growing with the city, and that we’re now a part of the change and growth that is happening in Fuzhou. Hometown feel in a capital city, check!

4. Fuzhou is also known as “Banyan City” due to the unavoidable beauty that is the Banyan Tree. They are everywhere as a symbol of the rich history of Fuzhou, and can be seen from almost anywhere you are in the city. As a person who loves nature, I am truly blessed to live in such a green city.

5. In fact, Fuzhou means “blessed city!” As a result of all the trees and amazingly landscaped highways, the air quality in Fuzhou is pretty awesome. In the spring, summer, and fall, the bright bougainvillea plants spill over the highways and create billowing, leafy curtains. I love it. Green, plant-loving city, check!

6. The people in Fuzhou are also friendly and welcoming. I shop at a local fruit and vegetable market almost daily, and the sweet couple who run the shop are a treasure. They love my family, and graciously help me learn how to speak Chinese. As a bonus, I’m learning to say things with a unique accent. 😊

On crowded busses, people will also pass up bus money and bus cards from the back of the bus to the front, since it would be impossible for any individual to move through the mass. It’s a beautiful picture of the community that we’re growing to love here. Welcoming community, check!

7. Fuzhou is also famous for it’s food. In our old hometown in the US, you could ask any Chinese chef or restaurant owner where they were from, and they would all answer: Fuzhou! I was happy the first time I heard that Fuzhou was the birthplace of sweet and sour pork. Yum. There are a TON of other “Fuzhou Specialties,” one of the most famous being the fish ball. It’s a plump little (or big) ball of dough wrapped around a juicy ball of meat, usually pork. It’s savory, fishy, and usually served in broth. Amazing food around every corner, check!

There are so many other things I love about our city, like the way people ride their e-bikes (more on that in another post), the mountains and hot springs, and the late-night community life that I know also happens in other Chinese cities.

So far, Fuzhou has been a place in which we are blessed to live, and thankful to be raising all (eight) of our children. I’m incredibly happy our family is learning to live in a beautifully historic Chinese city that is still growing and changing.

If you have any questions about our city, and what it’s like to live here, especially with a family, I’d be happy to share more of our experience!

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Rachel Watters is making her home in Fuzhou, China. She and her husband, Sherman, have 8 children, three of which are adopted. Rachel spends her time teaching in their English Training Center, taking care of their youngest child, and teaching English in a local public school. She also spends a lot of time buying groceries and picking up packages from Taobao. Along with writing, she loves to hike, sing, bake, and nature watch. Spending time with her husband is her favorite way to enjoy a day, and she’s working on not being too serious.
Wechat: RachelWatters

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