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Giveaway: Up to 10 FREE Books Perfect for your Teenaged TCK

If you haven’t already heard of the blog Small Town Laowai, you just haven’t done enough research about expat-life in China yet. This blog started by Emily Steele Jackson has been a steady pillar in the expat community for years, navigating through the funny “This is China” situations we all find ourselves facing.

I have to admit I was surprised to have gotten an email from her telling me about her new pursuit, young adult/children’s books.

Her debut novel, Home, James, is a “going home” book for TCKs.

Of course Jackson brought experience from her own family’s adventures into this piece of literature and has made it highly relatable to Third Culture Kids in the teenage years.

About the Novel
“Everyone else in thirteen-year-old James’ family is thrilled to be moving back to the USA, but James doesn’t see why their wonderful life in China needs to end. Even though his passport says he’s American, James feels like he’s arrived in a foreign country. He’s sure eighth grade in this new place will be a disaster. With mysteries like cheese knives, drama llamas, and the Pledge of Allegiance, will Missoula, Montana ever feel like home?”

Already Home, James has received 26 5-star customer reviews, and I can see why. When I’m finished reading through my copy I’m definitely going to review it too. (In case you’re curious, I paid for my copy by choice). I have had some real belly laughs in the descriptions of American culture. I feel like I’m understanding my own complicated cultural identity with this book.

The book is in first person from James’ perspective. Jackson has done a fantastic job of giving James a teenage sense of humor and outlook.

Watch out for her guest post later this week where she’s going to share 10 things you might not know about the combination of this age with the TCK experience.

Giveaway Rules
And the good news to you my dear reader, is that she and I partnered up to give away up to 10 ebooks of Home, James.

For every 50 people that sign up, we’ll give out 1 free book. Typically the more you share the worse your odds add up to be, but there’s a potential here for up to 10 free ebooks for the first 500 people.

Is it really wrong of me that I don’t share giveaway posts because I don’t want the candidate pool to be that big? Or is that just me? I don’t think so based on giveaway stats I see….

But in this case, sharing really is genuine care without odd mixes of selfishness. You’re not lowering your chances of winning by sharing with a friend.

So go ahead and sign up and share around! We’ll announce the winner in mid-April.

(Just FYI, to receive one of these ebooks, you have to have an official Amazon account within one of these Amazon extensions: .com,, .de, .fr, .es, .it, .nl,, .in, .ca,,,

Go ahead and check out the book’s preview on Amazon. I promise if you’ve got a preteen or teen in the house, you’ll want to get it.

What’s your favorite book written for TCK?

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