15 Would Your Rather… Chinese Food

If you’re on a long commute in a taxi or car, or it’s a terrible weather day outside, use this fun twist on the classic game to pass the time and study Chinese while you’re at it!

Would you rather eat…

jiǎozi or miàntiáo?

jiǔcài jīdàn (Chinese chives and eggs) jiǎozǐ or small shrimps jiǎozi?

niúròu miàn or Xīhóngshì jīdàn miàn?

mǐfàn or chǎofàn?

yáng ròu chuānr or jī ròu chuānr?

donkey or scorpions?

róu jiā móu or bǎozi?

huǒguō (hot pot) or kǎoyā (Peking duck)?

gōng bǎo jī dīng or gānbiǎn dòujiǎo?

huājuǎn (flower rolls) or yóutiáo?

mápó dòufu or stinky tofu?

dōu jiāng or hóngdòu jiāng?

chāo miàn or zhàjiàng miàn?

jiānbǐng or shāobǐng?

Guandong or Shandong or Yunnan or Sichuan?
(Sorry, I know this is technically making it really hard for you to pick between all four.)


Good night, this post made me hungry!

There’s so much more to Chinese food than “Sesame Seed Chicken” back home… which, I’ve yet to see that dish here.

Asian foods are diverse and delicious! But so often claimed to be Chinese or Japanese in other countries when really it might be Cantonese or Vietnamese.


What’s your favorite dish? Have you tried all of these dishes and cuisines?

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