Embrace Creativity as a Family with KingdomKids Craft Boxes!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun,” said the genius Albert Einstein, and the blank canvases and craft tool sets KingdomKids provides are the perfect companions for our kids to let their creativity give color to dull afternoons.

My friend who runs a kindergarten suggested KingdomKids craft boxes. She loves them so much, she buys several boxes at once. This wasn’t the first time KingdomKids was suggested to me and I knew it wasn’t going to be the last. I finally looked them up and was pleasantly surprised by what they had to offer and what their purpose was. To drive boredom far away and make crafting simple for expat parents!

The brainchild of a Beijing-based foreign mom, KingdomKids is the easiest solution for non-Chinese speaking parents to purchase craft sets without needing to find the correct translation for whatever product it is they are looking for (and hoping they actually get the product they had in mind!).

Far from your usual craft kit and shippable all over China, KingdomKids are sets of craft boxes that aims to get kids to craft “out of the box”. It foregoes the common formula of “craft boxes” with the final project already showcased on the box cover and the usual instructions and limited materials that come with it. Instead of focusing on the final product, KingdomKids encourages children to focus on the process of crafting and creating with the variety of products in every box.  


There are four KingdomKids boxes currently available: the Bumper Craft Pack, the Bumper Paper Box, the Bumper Tools Pack and the Chinese Craft Box.


The Bumper Craft Box contains an assortment of items that will surely peak a child’s curiosity: from long, silky feathers to small, soft pom poms, long, colorful pipe cleaners and more.

The Bumper Paper Box is a collection of hundreds of sheets of quality colored paper and different types of cards and sheets that will fascinate a child’s senses, including scratch papers, glitter cards, felt, foam sheets and more.

The Bumper Tool Box is an assemblage of supplies such as different types of tapes, glue, scissors, strings, elastic bands and more to aid in the creation of a new product.


And last but not the least is the Chinese Craft Box, the ultimate boredom buster for Chinese holidays on those days when the family needs to stay home and creativity is a companion waiting to be invited. This box contains items such as lanterns, fans, calligraphy supplies and more that children can decorate to their heart’s desires.


Some projects to consider during the holidays are making DIY joss paper ingots using construction paper during the Tomb Sweeping holiday, making dragonboats during the dragonboat festival and putting together lanterns for the Mid-Autumn Festival

For those who aren’t sure if they are able to think up crafts based on the items inside the boxes, customers will be invited into the KingdomKids chat group to help spark everyone’s creativity. Here are some of the adorable crafts that’s been shared in the group:






For more information, please contact Kingdom Kids at or message her directly via Wechat.

Happy crafting!

P.S. Coming soon: Small Travel Craft boxes loaded with creative items sure to keep the kids busy on those dreaded long flights. Follow Gemma’s Wechat Moments by adding her Wechat ID Gemma Jiang to stay updated!


What type of crafts do you love during those slow or grey days in China?

Click the link for the group of other China-focused parents on Facebook  or on WeChat by scanning the QR code and asking to join the WeChat group.

Jackie Park is wife to a wonderful Korean hubby and is mom to two multicultural girls. She blogs about her adventures and discoveries during her spare time. Learn more about what their Korean–Chinese–Filipino–Malaysian is like on




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