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The Porkibou Story: A Doodle Love Story Made in Beijing

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to meet Kseniya and Jason Lee, two expats who are expecting their own little love bug here in Beijing.
Kseniya writes:
“A year ago we doodled our very own little “made in Beijing” love story to share with family and friends back at home and around the world.
We wanted to share it with fellow Beijingers to remind everyone that Beijing is a great place for people from opposite parts of the world to meet and fall in love: my husband is from Canada, and I myself am from Uzbekistan.
Beijing will always be a very special place to us, as this is home to our little family. And for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, we are expecting our first baby – the best possible souvenir we could take with us from China.
It all started at a meditation retreat. Having zero friends in common, we believe we were brought together through this random event for foreigners in Beijing.
It took us only two dates and about 12 scoops of gelato to realize that everything is better when shared with each other.
Very soon after, we took off on our journey beyond the Great Wall – to explore the world, learn about each other, and ourselves.
During which we met both families: for eight of us to meet in one place, we had to fly from five different countries. Neither side ever thought of something like this happening, but there we were, as improbable as it was.
Despite it all, we missed Beijing and did want to come back to where it all started, so here we are, opening “Beijing Chapter 2.”
We always dreamed of living in a hutong, and so we nestled into our first little home, a beautiful place with a lovely rooftop to enjoy sunny days together. That is, when pollution is below 200.
Our favorite part about it is that we are able to have an urban garden and harvest our own greens while living in the very heart of the middle of the kingdom’s capital!
And we have enjoyed our afternoon dates at the lake, along with all of the other privileges of living by the Drum and Bell towers.
It was here where we got officially soul-mated. It was an experience of its own! Plus we would never exchange those fun marriage certificate books for any other fancy thing in the world.
Beijing has treated us nicely. It will always be a very special place to us, as it is where it all started.

And it is where we took it all to the next level. This Valentine’s Day we are expecting a very special souvenir we would always be able to take with us from China.

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 Kseniya and Jason Lee are the two characters in Porkibou. For their full story and illustrated adventures, check out:”

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